Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Entering the cake decorating business

I took a Wilton class last fall and have been making cakes ever since, mostly for fun, but have now gotten serious about making it a business. For the last few months, Meijer has the benefit of my services a couple nights a week making their dessert cakes.
I have made two cakes now for others and have three orders on the way. Please take a look at the cakes I have decorated...

1. Clown sheet cake made for Wilton class
2. Round cake practicing roses and swirl drop flowers
3. A birthday cake(s) for grandma last August...
4. Makenzie's 1st birthday cake with smash cake.
5. Barbie cake for Kaitlyn's birthday
6. Sydney's birthday castle cake
7. Guitar cake for Ken's birthday

If you are interested in making an order, please call 453-0766 or email

Thanks for stopping by.

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